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Small Town Project. Caring for our Community. 

Towns are built around natural resources, commerce, and families. Small towns are an important but often neglected element of rural landscapes and food systems.


The Small Town Project was created in the small town of Rocky Ford, a quaint town in Colorado's Otero County. Founded in 1887, Rocky Ford once thrived as an agricultural and manufacturing town before changes in economic and social infrastructure led to a loss of jobs, population, and increased disparities in the community. 


Our once-booming town now battles the blight of vacant houses, schools, storefronts, and the nationwide epidemic of drug use. These social determinants of health impact the people in our community at a higher rate than other Zip codes across Colorado. Our goal is to improve health equity in our community and establish programs that will improve quality of life, enhance the local economy, empower underserved people, and promote a sense of community.

"Our mission is to enhance economic and social vitality in Rocky Ford and improve the quality of life for residents of our community by achieving health equity."

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