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Future Leaders

“The Small Town Project is dedicated to revitalizing our community. We are also focused on developing a sustainable strategy to keep Rocky Ford growing and thriving, and know that this will only be possible by involving our youth and working with the future leaders of our community.”



Community development involves a community’s assets and using them to provide the greatest benefit to the community. Our community's key asset is our youth. Research shows that youth are reportedly less satisfied with their communities than urban students. Youth may also be more susceptible to boredom, which could lead to an increased risk of delinquent behaviors. In addition, rural youth face more stereotypes than urban youth and may have lower aspirations for education and careers. Unfortunately, many rural youths leave our town and do not return. This is an economic process called "Brain Drain", and it is a factor that is troubling for long-term community development. These challenges can be conquered by effectively mobilizing and focusing on building leadership among youth and working within the community to provide more opportunities for our youth.



We believe developing ways to involve youth and including them in decision-making roles and projects is necessary for Rocky Ford to remain relevant and revitalize, and by developing these future leaders our community will continue to grow and thrive. 



We provide opportunities to engage our youth through involving youth in community leadership, planning, and decision making, providing community support for our youth, providing safe spaces for our youth, and providing entrepreneurship education and career development services for youth in our community.



Rocky Ford

Boxing Club

The Rocky Ford Boxing Club has relaunched as a fiscally sponsored project of the Small Town Project. Led by coaches Marvin Cordova, Sr. and Sherry Cordova the Rocky Ford Boxing Club is our town's alternative activity for youth as well as a safe space for at-risk youth.  


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We will be planning a Youth Entrepreneurship Fair to provide the challenge to spark ideas and innovation in our youth and provide a stage for our youth to showcase their business ideas...

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Career development prepares youth for success in their first jobs and helps them develop an education and training plan to achieve their chosen careers.

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Being equipped with knowledge on how to manage personal finances will give our future leaders an advantage when they enter adulthood...

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