Community Care

“The Small Town Project is dedicated to revitalizing our community. We organize community care activities and events to enhance our community and promote community involvement.”



The health and wellness of the people in our community will have a direct impact on our community. 



We believe that by providing a service to the community through neighborhood cleanups, household repair relief, landscaping relief, park restorations, and beautifying our homes, storefronts, and street we can help create a source of pride for residents, and a welcoming and awe-inspiring destination for visitors, new families, or new businesses. 

We also believe that by promoting health equity in our community through food assistance, and other resource sharing we can address some social determinants of health and have a positive effect on our community member's health and well-being. 



We carefully select beautification projects and provide the resources to bring a new look to distressed buildings, homes, and public areas. We accept nominations for support from community members as well as requests for support from senior citizens, disabled citizens, and single-parent households. At the Small Town Project, we know a little love and attention can go a long way, so we do our part as "small giants" to make a large impact on our community. 

We have also launched the Rocky Ford Food Share Project to assist with food insecurities in our rural region of southeast Colorado. We have partnered with distributors of natural and organic foods as well as Colorado Proud farmers and ranchers to bring fresh, healthy, and local foods direct to our community. 



Rocky Ford

Food Share 

The food pantry is open every Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. There are no income, ID, or residence requirements. Families are eligible for a food box every other week. 

We assist Rocky Ford's residents who are physically unable to do so themselves, cannot afford to pay for this help, and/or do not have help to shovel snow.


Our goal is to keep residents safe...


Street Clean-up

Beautifying our small town by coming together as a community and cleaning up streets, sidewalks, parks and alleyways.