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Digital Equity Project

“The Small Town Project is dedicated to improving our community's quality of life. We believe that how people connect, work and learn today comes down to the availability of devices, internet access, and educational opportunities. Digital equity involves a combination of all three of these for people to gain access to technology and a better quality of life."



There are, essentially, two major issues within digital equity. The first is access to digital infrastructure. This largely affects rural areas, and it relates to whether residents have broadband available where they live. This can create an issue for our students working on schoolwork from home, our unemployed population needing access for job searches or online training, and people looking to remain in the area or move to the area while working a remote job or other work that requires sufficient internet speeds.


The second is access to computer devices and to digital services, which addresses whether citizens have the money or knowledge they need to effectively use and benefit from technology. Fortunately, with the infrastructure built out by local ISPs like SECOM, the communities in southeast Colorado now have equitable access to robust internet speeds and digital services. But there's still a challenge with access to computer devices and overall affordability. 


We believe that providing a resource for our community to obtain affordable access devices in addition to all-inclusive internet access is vital for connecting more people to the services they need such as education, employment, and staying connected to be well informed about decisions in their community. 


We have joined the digital equity community and are now able to provide access to affordable devices and high-speed internet service through PCs for People and the Bridging the Gap program created by Mobile Beacon and Pcs for People. As an approved partner we are now able to provide access to computers and laptops for under $200, and internet access for only $15 per month. The internet service provides an unlimited 4G LTE data plan with no data caps or throttling.


You can sign up and purchase your devices and internet service directly from our partner website or contact us to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our team members and we'll get your order created for you. 


Our mission is to enhance the social and economic vitality in Rocky Ford and improve the quality of life for its residents. In reaction to the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have initiated the COVID-19 Recovery Project which will provide a “Remote Digital Toolkit” to clients. This toolkit includes a business-powered laptop, wireless mouse/keyboard, headset/mic, and an invitation to a series of e-learning video meetings with our team to learn how to use the equipment as well as support with Online Schooling, Applying for Assistance, Accessing Resources, Preparing for Working Remotely, Resume Writing, Job Searching, and Phone/Video Interviewing.

To Apply for a "Remote Digital Toolkit" for your household please click the button below. Applications will be reviewed, our team will contact you if any additional information is needed, and we will contact you to distribute your toolkit as it comes available. 

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