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Rocky Ford Food Share Project

The Rocky Ford Food Share Project is a community resource fighting hunger. We offer FREE healthy food to people who need it regardless of their income, place of residence, or legal status.


There are many food assistance resources for low-income families but many more families fall in a gap we refer to as the ‘working poor’; they earn too much to get SNAP (formerly food stamps), but a major car repair, medical bill, or reduced work hours (like right now with the COVID-19 pandemic) can mean a choice of paying bills or eating. And immigrant or undocumented families are often ineligible or unable to access most assistance.


We believe that no family in our community should have to wonder where their next meal might come from. And we're doing our part to connect families with healthy food that will nourish their bodies. In doing that we procure food from local producers to bring farm-fresh produce or ranch-raised meat to our neighbors. We also partner with food distributors that distribute organic, natural, fresh, culturally relevant food, and high-quality products. We believe our neighbors and families deserve the most nutritious foods and it is our mission to make that possible. The project is being implemented by the Small Town Project.


How does it work? Only with the help of amazing donors, many volunteers, and caring communities. Are you interested in volunteering? Sign up to Volunteer.


You are eligible to shop or pick up a premade food box twice per month. No pre-registration or appointment is required. Feel free to walk-in and our team will assist you.


Wednesdays from 11am to 2pm

Fridays from 3pm to 6pm


For questions, please Email or call/text: (719) 319-0131

Download an Application

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ES-Food Share Project Flyer Winter 22-23.png
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