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Rocky Ford Snow Removal Project

We assist Rocky Ford residents who are physically unable to do so themselves, cannot afford to pay for this help, and/or do not have immediate neighbors, family or friends to shovel snow from walkways to the home and the sidewalks. Our goal is to keep residents safe in case they have to get out, as well as avoid fines and snow removal charges. The project is being implemented by the Small Town Project.


How does it work? Only with the help of many volunteers. Are you interested in volunteering and shoveling snow to help a community in need? Register online.


If you need assistance, please complete the online form. Eligible applicants need to verify that they are homebound, disabled, and/or sixty years old or older, and that the total household income is at or below $20,358. After receiving your form we will review your information and approve the application based on need and availability. Once approved your address will be added to our list and we will recruit a volunteer to remove snow from your sidewalk and walkway after a snowstorm in a timely fashion.


Volunteers will be trained and matched with a household within their walking distance. Volunteers have been instructed to:

  • Provide their own shovel

  • Call the resident before a snowfall to introduce themselves

  • Never enter the resident’s home

  • Report back to the Small Town Project after shoveling

  • Serve the same resident the entire winter season


We ask that the resident will not ask of any other services from the volunteer, nor ask them to come into the home.


For questions, please email Duane Gurule or call (720) 746-8949

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