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COVID-19 Recovery Project

Take the COVID-19 Business Impact Survey »

Your response to this survey will be reviewed and used by the recovery task force to prioritize and address issues. 

Need Food Assistance? »

The new Rocky Ford Food Share Project is a community resource fighting hunger. We offer FREE food to people who need it regardless of their income or immigration status.

Our mission is to enhance the social and economic vitality in Rocky Ford and improve the quality of life for its residents. In reaction to the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have initiated the COVID-19 Recovery Project which will provide a “Remote Digital Toolkit” to clients. This toolkit includes a business-powered laptop, wireless mouse/keyboard, headset/mic, and an invitation to a series of e-learning video meetings with our team to learn how to use the equipment as well as support with Online Schooling, Applying for Assistance, Accessing Resources, Preparing for Working Remotely, Resume Writing, Job Searching, and Phone/Video Interviewing.

To Apply for a "Remote Digital Toolkit" for your household please click the button below. Applications will be reviewed, our team will contact you if any additional information is needed, and we will contact you to distribute your toolkit as it comes available. 



















We are actively tracking federal and state legislation that will provide relief funding and financing to employers and employees. As information becomes available, it will be added to this page. Please check back frequently for updated information.

Emergency Business & Individual Assistance


Business, Nonprofit, & Employee Guide for Planning & Responding to Coronavirus 

The State Office of Economic Development launched a COVID-19 response page. This is a great reference for business resources and updates.

In these challenging moments, The Small Town Project encourages our community to adapt their support of local businesses (examples include being mindful of social distancing, pick up and go, and saving your visit for another day if you are feeling unwell). We need to remember to show kindness and support to our neighbors and local businesses to the best of our ability, as these connections have a major impact on the vitality of our community.   


The following industries will likely be impacted by a decline in consumer spending from COVID-19: travel, hospitality, retail, restaurants, and small businesses of all industries (including our minority-owned businesses).


Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance in Response to Coronavirus 

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) offers low-interest federal disaster loans to small businesses in designated areas suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus.

The Small Town Project asks businesses that are suffering an economic loss as a result of Coronavirus to please contact staff to help get you the right resources to help your business. 

Duane Gurule, Executive Director


Marty Lee, Rocky Ford Economic Development Coordinator

State of Emergency & Hourly Paid Sick Leave

Under the executive authority of the state of emergency, the State of Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has been given the authority to require employers/businesses in the service and hospitality industries to provide four days of paid sick leave for those with flu-like symptoms who are being tested for coronavirus. This only applies to workers in the service industries, including: 

  • Leisure and hospitality 

  • Food services 

  • Childcare 

  • Education, including transportation, food service, and related work at educational establishments 

  • Home health, if working with elderly, disabled, ill or otherwise high-risk individuals 

  • Nursing homes 

  • Community living facilities 


However, the rule will not require paid leave for the full recovery period for COVID-19 cases, which can extend for weeks. The emergency rule will be in place for up to 120 days, but only while Colorado’s state of emergency continues. Governor Jarod Polis will reassess the emergency status every month.

Additional Resources for Restaurants and the Service Industry

If your Food Safety & Sanitation (ServSafe) certification is up for renewal, the Cooking Studio staff are trained and available to re-certify local restaurant and foodservice managers.

Restaurants are encouraged to promote delivery and carry-out services and customers to order directly from the restaurant, instead of third-party delivery service. Additional ideas include:

  • Using social media to share updates with customers

  • Selling items online

  • Promoting the purchase of souvenirs

  • Promoting the purchase of gift cards to be used at a later time or send as a gift. 

The Small Town Project is continuously working with community partners to keep this information up to date and get you the resources you need. 

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