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The Small Town Project is Founded!

A memory of people, young and old, walking down Main Street. Two men heading for drinks after a day's work at the factory. A middle aged married couple walking out of Duckwalls. Six pre-teens running across the street from McClain's Supermarket heading toward the Grand Theater for the Friday night showing. A young family riding their bikes with a bike trailer in tow; happy three year old looking out the side window and waving at the cars. And a caravan of cars driving up and down Main Street waving again and again and emitting a symphony of loud exhaust, pounding speakers, horns, and LAUGHTER. A Rocky Ford that was once remembered is one we only share stories of now.

But we have a vision to bring that social presence back to Main Street. And in the reverse essence of the "Field of Dreams" logic, as we see that social presence return we'll see the business economy build out to support the demand.

Founders, Duane and Elaine Gurule, both share a love for our small town that can be relatable to many. One type of love coming from a Rocky Ford local fueled by childhood memories and big dreams for the future. And another coming from a big city native whose heart was complete after finding the neighborly relationships and sense of community that only a small town can provide. This dynamic love of our small town was the driver to start The Small Town Project.

The Small Town Project's mission is to enhance economic and social vitality in Rocky Ford and improve the quality of life for residents of our community. We aim to do this by sponsoring social events, providing community service on beautification projects, supporting local businesses and economy, and investing in our future leaders to ensure sustainability.

Thank you to our Small Town of Rocky Ford for giving us the amazing center of our world we call home, and thank you to all of the friendships we make in a long future of growth.

-The Small Town Project

The Small Town Project logo
The Small Town Project logo. Designed by Dynamic Solutions of Colorado.

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